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5 common uses of degreaser sprays

A degreaser is a unique cleaner to eliminate grease, cutting fluids, corrosion inhibitors, oils, and fingerprints from surfaces. Several types of degreasers are available in the market. While simple formulas can be used to wipe kitchen appliances, heavy-duty ones have industrial applications. A degreaser spray’s objective is to remove the offending soil quickly without much scrubbing and wiping. Here are some of the most common uses of a degreaser spray.

Wiping kitchen surfaces
A degreaser spray can help tackle grease accumulation on several kitchen surfaces, including kitchen counters, microwave ovens, and other appliances. All one needs to do is spray the solution on the area before wiping it off with a clean rag. While doing so, individuals should ensure they do not contaminate the food stored in the kitchen. If someone needs to remove grease, carbon, and food particles from outdoor appliances like grills, ovens, stainless filters, deep-fat fryers, and burners, a degreaser spray could help get the job done.

Eliminating debris from vehicle engines
Debris and road salt often enter the crevices of engines, increasing the risk of corrosion. Luckily, an engine degreaser can pull out these elements and safeguard the engine. The solution can also identify leaks or cracks in the car and prompt drivers to resolve them as soon as possible. Engine degreasers, also known as the engine flush, are sometimes mixed with the oil in the oil filter port. However, aerosol degreasers are sprayed directly on vehicular parts to get them to stop creaking and avoid rust. A creaky car door might swing open smoothly after applying a degreaser spray.

Maintaining industrial equipment
Heavy-duty degreasers, including aerosol options, use powerful formulas for quick, easy removal of grease, oil, asphalt, and grime in industries. A few areas where such degreasers may work include clutches, generators, compressors, electrical motors, bearings, chains, and cables.

Removing dust from windows and blinds
If the windows and blinds are full of dust, one could use a degreaser to get rid of the problem. The spray could help accumulate the dirt and gunk in one place, after which one could wipe the windows with a clean cloth. The method may also be effective on window blinds.

Cleaning greasy tools
Tools like screwdrivers and wire cutters help perform repair jobs. However, they might accumulate grease and grime due to frequent contact with other equipment. Such tools must be cleaned so they do not wear out and work well. One could apply a degreaser on the tools and wipe off the grease.

How much do degreasers cost?
Degreaser sprays don’t have a fixed cost. One might get it for as low as $5, as high as $50, or more. The price depends on several factors, such as its manufacturer, composition, effectiveness, and quantity. One should buy a degreaser spray based on the job for which it is required. While a light-strength formula might cost less, it won’t work well for an industrial job. Individuals can avoid paying too much by researching and identifying the top spray for each type of job.